shortcut for insights on chrome

cross platforms, cross languages via a single email address offers an email-based service that provides summaries or answers for web pages upon request. Think of it as a “read-it-later” service, or an assistant that deciphers the essence of any web page for you.

Since operates through email, it naturally supports multiple platforms.

On mobile devices, most apps come with a typical share button that includes email options. When sharing through such buttons, if the content is publicly web-based, the URL is often prefilled. Users simply need to address the email to and send.

On the other hand, the desktop browsers don’t have the same intuitive sharing features for emails as mobile platforms. Recognizing this, I’ve refactored the wuko chrome extension to bridge this gap. This extension serves as a quick link, allowing users to draft an email containing the URL of their current page and open it in their default email client.

The refactored extension is very simple. Users just need to click the extension button to generate an email, with all fields filled.

This single-button extension streamlines your interactions with Remember, all major engagements remain within your chosen email client, be it on desktop or mobile.

For more details, please check out the extension and let me know what you think.

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