Summary with soul, Insight equals value

Here are some recent updates on that cover optimizing the default summary for the initial email for a webpage, improving the accuracy of URL parsing in emails, and enhancing ways to share your discovered insights.

Summary with soul

I have been fine-tuning the default summary for the initial email pertaining to a URL. The goal is to make the summary concise while distilling the key points from the content.

I have conducted several experiments to find the optimal prompt for the summary.

Pasted image 20230910155726.png

The original one is “What is the main idea?”

This approach can lead to a long paragraph if the content covers many different points, making it difficult to get an overview of the key aspects the content focuses on; it should allow the reader to breathe and understand the relationships between the points.

list key points.png

To create more gaps between the ideas, I tried another prompt: “List the key points.”

This method lists all the key points or facts in the content, which is beneficial when readers want to refer to bullet points. It facilitates easier identification of the points they are most interested in before delving into the original webpage content.

However, using bullet points can create another issue — the lack of guidance regarding the relationships among the key points. It becomes challenging to obtain a comprehensive overview without insight into the flow of ideas.

Pasted image 20230910155823.png

Therefore, a balanced approach is necessary, one that offers both key points and their relationships articulated in natural language. After a few more experiments, I settled on this default summary prompt: “Please summarize it in a few brief paragraphs.”

Pasted image 20230910155920.png

Feel free to try it with the web links you find interesting. Remember, can answer queries, allowing you to write prompts for insights on the webpage you wish to read. You can even reply to the initial email specifying your preferred summary format — for instance, “Please summarize it as poetry.”

Enhanced insight page

Beyond summarization, wuko can answer your questions about webpage content, generating insights that you might find inspiring and wish to share with others.

It now offers an insight view that you can share, as demonstrated with the example links above. This feature supports open graph card, meaning that when you share the URL of your insight page on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc, it automatically converts into a preview screenshot, enhancing its visibility on your social media.

Note the QR code (also the wuko logo) present on the insight view, allowing you to share a screenshot of the view. Others can scan the QR code to access the insight webpage directly, proving handy in situations where a screenshot is the preferable sharing method.

Email parsing improvement

Email formats can vary significantly between different clients, sometimes including extraneous information even when the sender intends only to send a single URL link. This superfluous information has occasionally posed challenges in accurately discerning the sender’s true intention.

I have updated the email parsing engine to address these issues more robustly. If you previously faced difficulties with Wuko email recognizing the URL you sent, we encourage you to try again.

What is next?

I plan to enhance the feature by enabling custom prompts in the initial email, surpassing the current limitation where only the link from the email body is recognized, and everything else is ignored.

As always, I welcome any comments.

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