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The quality of your mind is the quality of your life

by Naval

In an era abundant with digital content, cultivating a reading habit is an effective way to enhance our lives. Read-it-later apps have become essential tools for individuals keen on organizing their reading habits. These apps serve as personal knowledge hubs, transforming fragmented readings into seeds of knowledge growth.

However, many of the existing read-it-later apps have their own set of usability challenges. These include:

  • Readers may lose motivation to revisit saved articles over time.
  • Manual notes could help maintain the reading motivation, but the process of adding manual notes to maintain context can be labor-intensive.
  • The need for installing standalone apps often limits flexibility and accessibility.

What if there were a way to reinvent the typical read-it-later process, enhancing our reading experience, without the need to learn new software or install any new applications?

wuko.ai combines the power of AI with a protocol that you’re already familiar with and rely on – email. Wuko’s email-based service not only eliminates the need for additional software installations but also offers intelligent features surpassing those found in most conventional read-it-later apps.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the features of wuko, explore how it enhances your read-it-later experience in action, and addresses the usability issues prevalent in similar apps.

Leverage What You Already Familiar

Graphical user interfaces have long served to guide user behaviors while managing expectations. However, the emergence of advanced AI, such as ChatGPT, suggests that natural language can also serve as an effective interface layer.

Traditionally, creating intuitive user experiences required meticulous UI design, often tailored to specific use cases. In contrast, a natural language-based interface can adapt to a variety of application scenarios.

Wuko offers an email service that users can leverage for ‘read-it-later’ purposes. All users need to do is send an email with a web link they wish to save for reading later to a dedicated wuko email address, read@wuko.ai. The organization of the contents, such as labeling or categorizing the emails, can follow your existing email usage habits.

This process seamlessly transforms their familiar email clients into an intelligent hub, catering to ‘read-it-later’ needs for web pages without the need to install or learn how to use a new app.

More Than Just a Bookmark

The service behind read@wuko.ai is powered by GPT, which automatically analyze the content of web links and answer questions from the emails it receives.

When you send a web page link to the email address, it will reply with a summary of the webpage by default. This summary not only offers you an overview before you fully delve into the web page content, but it also serves as a reminder that would help provide a concise context for your initial motivation of saving it for reading later so it might save you from adding manual notes.

For example, try send email to bookmark this blog post.

Insights Tailored to Your Queries

The features are not limited to summarization. Users can actually ask questions about the web page content. Once you have initiated an email to read@wuko.ai and received the summary of the web page, you can reply to the email thread with any follow-up questions you have about the web page content. Then, it should provide answers within that email thread, serving as an interactive guide that deepens your understanding of the content.

This feature allows readers to gain insights tailored to their perspective, focusing on specific areas of interest or confusion. It aids in the efficient digestion of knowledge, offering clarity on unfamiliar concepts that might otherwise require substantial individual research.

For example, you can ask a question using this email template. You can also simply reply with a follow up question to the email thread if you initiated the email in the previous section.

This id based dedicated email address, demonstrated in the email template above, is primary intended to facilitate sharing with others your initiated topics, which we will introduce in the next section.

Spreading Knowledge, Inspiring Others

Sharing a web page is a form of knowledge sharing, but read@wuko.ai takes it a step further by sharing the essence behind the web pages.
For every web page sent to the email address, a dedicated email address will be generated. Any emails sent to this newly generated address will be interpreted as questions about the web page.

This paves a new way to share knowledge. Instead of sharing static content with others, now you can share an interactive experience where GPT answers questions about the content you found inspiring. Simply let others know the dedicated email address for the web page, and interested individuals can start exploring new insights by simply sending emails to the topic-specific Wuko email account, without needing any additional apps.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 17.04.36.png

Do you have new thoughts to share with others in a concise way? Next time, try extracting insights with read@wuko.ai to augment your thoughts. Then you can simply share its dedicated email address or a QR code with others to talk with the souls you discovered!

Breaking Language Boundaries

With the advances in GPT tech, the bar for cross-language communication has been significantly lowered. Readers can now get summaries or ask questions about a web page in their native language, regardless of the original content’s language.

Through read@wuko.ai, you can simply send emails requesting summaries or posing questions about a web page in your native language, and the system will reply to your requests in the same language.

Here are examples of summarizing this blog post in the form of poem in different languages:


As demonstrated above, wuko reimagines the ‘read-it-later’ experience, integrating seamlessly with email clients and eradicating the need for additional software.

With AI-powered features, it enhances conventional bookmarking by providing contextual summaries and tailored insights via a question-answering functionality. It also breaks down language barriers, making global content accessible in one’s preferred language. Its unique knowledge-sharing feature generates a dedicated email for each webpage, turning them into interactive learning hubs.

Welcome to try out read@wuko.ai and reach out if any questions or suggestions.

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