Overcoming Restrictions Through PDF Repackaging

For both web pages and PDF files, there may be restrictions set by their hosts to prevent bots from accessing them. Since read@wuko.ai retrieves the content you provide via its URL, it might not be able to fetch the content in the same manner as you can through a web browser.

Fortunately, there are some simple workarounds for this accessibility issue, thanks to the PDF feature. Here are a couple of common scenarios and its workaround.

Private Content

There may be certain web pages you wish to use with read@wuko.ai. However, due to the host’s restrictions, wuko.ai can’t fetch their content directly from the public internet.

Bot Access Control

Some websites utilize measures, such as CAPTCHA, to verify that the visitor is human. wuko.ai will not be able to retrieve content from these types of websites.

Other Cases

There may be situations where the URL you provided does not produce the same content when wuko.ai attempts to fetch it.


Follow the steps below to circumvent these issues:

  1. If dealing with a web page, print it as a PDF and download. If it’s already a PDF, simply download it.
  2. Upload the PDF file to public file hosting services like https://tmpfiles.org/, then copy the download link once it’s uploaded.
  3. Send the PDF download URL to read@wuko.ai.

The crux of this solution is the 2nd step. You need to ensure that the download link generated is publicly accessible to bots, allowing wuko.ai to fetch its content.

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